February 20, 2017

Adventures in Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

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Just a few days ago, my friends and I went on an epic adventure trip to Kalanggaman Island, a quaint island off the coast of Palompon in the province of Leyte, Philippines.

As what we have planned we will meet at Palompon's Tourism office in the first part of the morning because we will ride the first boat that will ship tourists for an overnight stay at the island at around 10-11 o'clock. But unfortunately, our van from Tacloban reached Palompon almost 11 o'clock and the Philippine Coast Guard already suspended the trips going to the island because of the strong wind and waves brought by the northeast monsoon (amihan).

We were really disgusted. We even pleaded to go at our own risk despite the suspension, but the tourism officials never allowed us. So we decided to give it a try the next day.

For the night, we stayed at the cheap accommodation in Lantaw Palompon.

The next day, we were up early in the morning around 4 o'clock. Because we wanted to be the first group to be transported to the island before the bad weather gets in. Fortunately, the Coast Guard resumed the trips and we were then ushered to the boat by a local guide. We shared the boat with another group. It was an awesome experience to share the boat with some new friends!

Finally, we were on our way to Kalanggaman Island! 

But as we journeyed on, I sensed that the wind and waves were slowly getting stronger. The boat was tossed up and down by the waves. "I know that the boatmen can manage these waves. These are just small waves." I thought to myself.

The waves continued to get stronger and we were drenched with seawater. But thank goodness, I brought my Hull & Stern adventure bag with me on this trip! I put all my clothes and gadgets inside the dry bag just before our boat ride and it was just a perfect idea! I never thought that the seas will be rough during our boat ride.

At last, we were at the island after more than an hour.

Upon reaching the island, I immediately got my camera and took a lot of photos of the island (and selfies too). It was surreal to be there. I really wanted to visit Kalanggaman Island years before and now the time has come.

My friends also enjoyed swimming and taking photos. We also took some drone shots and filmed a short video invitation for the upcoming Mission Adventures on June 5-17 in Cebu and Leyte in which Kalanggaman Island will be the last adventure destination before heading to Tacloban for the mission projects.

Because of time limitations, we just had the day tour in Kalanggaman Island. At 12 noon, we headed back to the mainland. And during that trip, waves were much bigger and stronger compared to the morning trip. Our group was drenched with seawater once again. It was really a rough ride!

But I was at ease all throughout the trip because all my things are inside the Hull & Stern adventure bag. I fully depended on the dry bag to keep my stuff safe and dry. And it never failed me!

Our trip to Kalanggaman Island is so memorable to me! That's why it deserved a blog post!

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