November 18, 2016

7 Tips To Make Your Travel Worthwhile

Before you'll continue on reading this blog post I'd like to ask you,

"Why do you travel?"

Oh, you have many answers right? Maybe you'll say, I love traveling because it's fun or I like to explore a new place or I love to learn the culture of other countries or I like to go an adventure. Whatever your answers and reasons are, you are right. In fact, I also have those answers on my mind.

And one of the main reasons why I love to travel is this, traveling (really) broadens you. It opens up your mind, it teaches you, it gives you experiences that others can't snatch, and it humbles you as well.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. ―Gustave Flaubert

That is why in all of my travels, I have learned the value of making every travel experience worthwhile.

And here are 7 tips that you can also do!

1. Start by packing less stuff.
Bring only your most essential items like your personal stuff and gadgets. This will not only make you more convenient, it will also lessen the load on your back and you won't need to buy extra baggage allowances. Great travelers repeatedly say, "Pack light and travel light."

Just arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. (2012)

2. Explore off-the-beaten destinations.
Sometimes as travelers we are endeared to visiting those popular (and most often crowded) places when in fact we can choose to be on our own and explore other destinations where tourists don't go usually. It's a different experience actually!

Exploring Cuatro Islas in Leyte. (2016)

3. Travel with your family and friends.
I really appreciate those who travel with their families (bringing with them their kids and doing selfies with their parents and siblings). It is pleasant to realize that our families are the ones that we have for eternity. (Friends may leave us and lovers may break our hearts but our families, I know, will always be there for us.) And yes, it's also awesome to travel with friends! I love being with my friends. In fact, I traveled with my friends during my recent travels.

Group shot with my One Year in Mission SSD family in Sagada. (2014)

4. Immerse in the local culture.
Ask, observe, listen, feel, taste, use all your senses and live within that new culture. That's why it gets really exciting when you travel outside the Philippines!

Eid ul Fitr holiday in Bandung, Indonesia. (2016)

5. Take a lot of photos and print it.
We need to bring back scrapbooking! It's cool to see our travel photos printed out and displayed in our rooms and houses.

Behind the lens in Puerto Galera. (2014)

6. Write your travel stories. (And inspire others too!)
One of my greatest regrets in life is not having a travel notebook. As time goes by, we tend to forget the details of our travels but if we write it (either in a notebook or a notes app), it is all preserved in there. Plus, you get to inspire others when you write a travel article or have your own travel blog.

Photo opp only in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (2012)

7. Travel with a mission.
Have you tried joining a mission trip? If not, join or organize one! For me, traveling is exceedingly worthwhile when I get to help and make a difference in the communities of my destinations. Mission trips divert the focus on self and directs it to the uplifting of others. Mission trips also make your travel more meaningful, fruitful, and memorable!

Group shot after Sabbath services in Siem Reap, Cambodia. (2012)

And yes, you are invited to join us on our first Mission Adventures mission trip in Cebu and Leyte this coming June 2017! We will explore southern Cebu and we will head to Palo and Tacloban in Leyte to conduct community service projects.

So what makes travel worthwhile for you? Share your answers on the comments section below! :)

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  1. I agree with everything Bai-- except maybe #2, some destinations really are a must-travel for a reason. Hope to see you soon, maybe next year :D

    1. Yeah, there are places that we are really obligated to visit but why not try new and uncommon places, right? I wish to see you here soon too! :)

  2. The toughest one for me would have to be packing less stuff. I always find myself overpacking!! My favorite however, would be immersing myself in local culture---this to me is a must when travelling and is vital!

    1. It's really a challenge to most travelers (that includes me too) to pack lightly. And yes, I love traveling to other countries with different cultures than ours!