June 22, 2014

Travel Photo: Capones Island, Zambales

Hello! Today I will be presenting a photograph I took while having a great and epic weekend with wonderful friends at Zambales.

Where in the world is this?

This is Capones Island, a bone-shaped island that is two kilometers long and which is a few kilometers off the shore of Barangay Pundaquit in Zambales. This beautiful and exotic island has white sand beaches ideal for swimming and picnics. It also has an old lighthouse built during the Spanish times named Faro de Punta Capones. This island visit is part of The Anawangin Experience being organized by EPIC Travels.

If you think about it, finding true love is a lot like finding a particular grain of sand on the beach. ― Chrissy Anderson

Have you explored Capones Island before? Have you been to its lighthouse? How was your experience? Please share it here by dropping a comment below! :)

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