October 17, 2013

In the Limelight: Rain Campanilla of Rakistang Nars

Hello everyone! I'm back with the "In the Limelight" segment. Today, I'm featuring a travel writer who I greatly admire for her witty and cool writing style. In fact, I hold in high regard her amazing writing skills making her one of my most favorite Filipino travel bloggers. The name of her blog speaks of herself- the lady / nurse "rocking the Southern Hemisphere." Her backpacking trip in Indochina is one of beautiful photos and wonderful experiences. Read more, know her travel favorites, and discover some snippets of her travel experiences here.

Name: Rain Campanilla
Address: Sydney, Australia
Blog: Rakistang Nars (www.rakistangnars.com)

The love of travel traces back to one too many bus rides. Britomart Station, Auckland.

Number of countries visited: 10
Number of Philippine provinces explored: 29

Favorite travel memories:
- Staying with a village of weavers in Luang Namtha, Northern Laos; taught local kids the words to Wiz Kalifa's Young, Wild and Free and the adults, how to play Temple Run on iPad.
- Spending mile-high and other airport moments in 4 cities in 4 countries with somebody I met on a PAL ticket booth (Manila, Philippines | Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei | Brisbane, Australia | Auckland, New Zealand).
- Receiving roses from fellow backpackers, even with the reality of my fat, married self-- 1 in Chiang Mai (from an Australian Bloke), 1 in Vientiane (from a French Boy) and 1 in Khao San (from a German Dude).

Favorite travel destinations:
- Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
- Philip Island, Victoria, Australia
- Don Det, Southern Laos
- Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, Philippines 

Preparing to bungee jump. Taupo, New Zealand.

Most embarrassing travel moments:
- Had the heaviest menstrual period while camping at the no water, no electricity, no whatever Phou Khao Khuoay forest in Laos.
- Walking straight to a glass wall in SM Iloilo after a long, hungover van trip from Boracay.

Something I learned about myself while traveling:
My unwavering courage and exceptional bravery makes up for poor physical strength, almost always.

One thing I always bring while traveling:
Friendship bonds and other knicknacks from my airport of origin (I fancy giving keepsakes to people I meet).

Injuries/illnesses incurred while traveling:
Head-on collision with another vehicle in the middle of nowhere while on 10-hour road trip from Wellington to Auckland in New Zealand (October 2009). I miraculously survived unscathed. (Let's not talk about other casualties).

Lost items/gadgets while traveling:
- A cardigan from a Belgian friend while exploring the Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis, Bohol.
- A pair of RayBan aviators while tubing down the river in Vang Vieng, Laos. Blame Beer Lao.

Things/persons I miss when I am on the road:
My bestfriend, Jopet. Unless of course, we are traveling together.

Future travel plans:
(Schedule permitting)
- Uluru Rocks, The Outback, Australia (Lent 2014)
- International Date Line, Taveuni, Fiji (Cheating my way to breaking the time-space continuum)
- Santorini, Greece (To culminate Eurotrip 2015)
- Easter Island (The geektalk on this would take forever)
- Denali Borough, Alaska (Magic Bus 142, hello?)

Travel books I would recommend:
- The Griffin and Sabine series (Not really a travel book, but the same intangible stuff that travelers seek is told and felt in these books)
- Into The Wild (For I can never be as brave as Alexander Supertramp. Hats off, Wanderer.)
- The Beach (the driving force that made me backpack Indochina, though, ironically, not to the south (where the beaches are).

Travel movies I would recommend:
- Y Tu Mama También (For the Boca del Cielo of each of us)
- The Motorcycle Diaries (For the revolutionary heart)
- Eurotrip (in the name of simple joys and hearty laughs)
- Vicky Cristina Barcelona (art in all forms; bearded, at times)

One tip for fellow travelers:
The road has no rules. Unleash. Give in. Ride it like you stole it.

Sum up your travel experiences in one sentence:
"Short-lived; they don't last long enough for the magic to wear-off."

Favorite travel quote:
"There are far, far better things ahead than any you leave behind." - C.S. Lewis

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  1. Darn, looks like I didn't answer clearly the Injuries/illness bit. LOL. By unscathed, I meant I didn't lose a limb. But to answer the question, I actually had an injury: a spinal contusion whose pain (until now) could send the pious into apoplexy at times. *defensive mode*

    btw, thanks again for pimping Ep :)

    1. Hahaha, lots of explanations huh.. Thanks too, Rain! :)

  2. i like her! Shes one amazing woman! Very witty!

  3. Crush ko si Rain-- like the tepid drops that fall during Spring, she brings life and melancholy to all the Winter-weary flowers of the land... Lol, I want to have a beer with her. :P

    1. Hahaha, the two of you are my travel writing icons! I've met Rain already, and I'm excited to meet you, Lauren! :P