October 30, 2013

In the Limelight: Paula O of Pondering Paodaolei

Hello everyone! I'm back with the "In the Limelight" segment! Today, I'm featuring a travel writer who dearly loves cats, Filipino heritage houses, and historic churches. Her creativity in writing well-rhymed poems is worth mentioning too. Just recently, her itchy feet have led her to explore India. Today is her much-awaited birthday too! So read more, know her travel favorites, and discover some snippets of her wonderful travel experiences here.

Name: Paula O
Address: Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines
Blog: Pondering Paodaolei (www.ponderingpaodaolei.net)

While in Hongkong.

Number of countries visited: 6
Number of Philippine provinces explored: 18

Favorite travel memories:
My very first travel: Bacolod City. It is simply unforgettable and it is the reason I started sharing my travel stories. I'd like to share it here: 20 Hours With Him.

Favorite travel destinations:
The Enchanting Enchantment of El Nido
Breathless in Biliran
Miag Ao
Calaguas Islands, I Love You

Enchanted by the beauty of El Nido in Palawan.

Most embarrassing travel moment:
So far, I can't think of any yet.

Something I learned about myself while traveling:
Being independent

One thing I always bring while traveling:

Injuries/illnesses incurred while traveling:
I'm not sickly. But I remember last 2012 I traveled every weekend in between work weeks, after those travels, I got sick with flu. My friend Heiz call it "after-travel sickness".

Lost items/gadgets while traveling: 
My wallet and my mobile phone. I was left with nothing. Good thing I was with a friend. We were in Cagbalete Island, Quezon.

Things/persons I miss when I am on the road:
My cat, my books, my family, and friends.

Future travel plans:
Explore India this year. Cambodia and Laos and the rest of the Philippines next year.

Travel books I would recommend:
I'd rather read travel blogs.

Travel movies I would recommend:
I'd rather read travel books.

One tip for fellow travelers:
Be road smart!

Sum up your travel experiences in one sentence:

Favorite travel quote:
"Traveling is food for the itchy feet."

Watch out for the next feature that will be posted in the next few weeks! :)