October 3, 2013

A Wall Climbing Reunion in Tacloban City, Leyte

Crimp, chimney, dyno, heel hook, figure four, foothold, handhold, crux, red point, beta, belay- these are just examples of rock climbing terminologies and moves that we have learned and practiced way back in high school at East Visayan Adventist Academy in Javier, Leyte. And our passion for rock climbing and bouldering have reached the ears of the outdoorsmen in Tacloban City particularly the men and women at Bukid Outdoor Shop and Climbing Gym.

They were so intrigued because these little, adventurous boys from a not-so-common school in Leyte are honing their climbing skills on natural boulders, climbing mountains, and discovering caves and falls. In short, they have discovered that there are still some people even students who cherish the love for rock climbing and the out-of-doors.

We scheduled a trip to Tacloban, and we visited the shop. And that was the start of our friendship with the staff at the gym. If my memory serves me well, it was some time in 2003. And the last time I was there was in 2004 just before our graduation.

Fast forward after 9 years, I was back. And I still recognized one familiar face at the gym. He is aptly named, Frienli. Yeah, he's still there after those many years.

So much for that. Let's start climbing!

Feeling the hold after 9 years.
Bouldering 101

The holds.

Strength, pain tolerance, and determination- they are essential.

Thanks for the great climb and bouldering, Bukid Outdoor Shop!

Bouldering with a friend.

Rock climbing, wall climbing, or bouldering is in my blood. I love the feel of ascending slowly up the sheer wall. I trust on the equipment that we use: the rock shoes, the harness, the carabiner, the rope, and the belayer too. I love the feel of the climbing chalk on your fingers. I love the feel of the bruised and wounded fingers, the painful arm and back muscles. I love all the experience of it! 

Ready to roll.

Two more holds left before the final hold. Hoooh!

Climbing buddies: Frenli and Rey.

I recommend wall climbing to you, try it!

Yes, I'm a member since 2003! Notice the battered and bruised I.D. card.

* Some photos are credited to Rey Espina and Juvemar Zanoria. Thanks!

Bukid Outdoor Shop and Climbing Gym
Address: 206 Padre Burgos Street, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines
Telephone Number: (053) 523 7625
E-mail Address: bukid@bukidoutdoorshop.com
Website: www.bukidoutdoorshop.com
Store Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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  1. I've tried~~ but for picture-taking sake only...ahahaha!
    It looks cool though. Sure does need a lot of strength and determination

    1. Yeah, it looks cool yet it's also hard, haha. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Wow, I missed wall climbing tuloy. Used to do it in college but now too busy working, hehe!

    1. Reall? It's so great that you have tried it! Get back to wall climbing soon, and reminisce the moment. :)

  3. year 2000 ako last pumunta ng bukid outdoor shop. medyo malaki na ata sila ngaun at my bar na sa tapat. hehe nice post! i miss tacloban. :)

    1. Oh, you've been there so long ago. Yeah, the shop is now big and famous in Tacloban. Thanks!

  4. gusto ko itry pero pawisin me ng kamay hahaha

    1. Kulapitot, it is still ok to wall climb. They have a chalk powder that is designed for sweaty hands while climbing. Try it!