September 25, 2013

The Adventurer’s Guide to Baybay, Leyte

(Note: The Adventurer's Guide is a very trending feature in this blog. This travel guide series aims to give you quick, quality and relevant travel information and tips regarding the featured destination.)

Today, I will be featuring a small yet beautiful city in Leyte, my home province. If you want to see more of my province, view my Leyte Travel Series.

The Destination: Baybay, Leyte

Baybay City is located in the central west coast of the province of Leyte. The city is fondly called as, “A Place of Discovery, Beauty, and Serenity.” Baybay is one of the major transportation hubs in Leyte. It has a port that serves passengers going to Cebu and to other islands in the Visayas. Its public terminal has buses plying to Tacloban, Ormoc, Southern Leyte, Manila, and Davao. Baybay is 93 kilometers from Tacloban City, the capital of Eastern Visayas. Baybay offers many beautiful historic, cultural, and natural attractions.

Cebu City to Baybay City – approximately 5-6 hours travel time
Ormoc City to Baybay City - PhP60 (ordinary bus, 1 hour travel time)
Tacloban City to Baybay City - approximately PhP100 (ordinary bus, 2-3 hours travel time)

Places to Explore

1. The Seaside Promenade or Boulevard
It is one of the landmark areas of Baybay and the most visited one. Tourists and locals flock to this place most especially at night. This area is one of the best places in Leyte to see the sunset!

The spectacular sunset.

2. Heritage Lane
Baybay has a lot of historic landmarks too. On your walking tour around the city, you can’t help but notice the Veterans’ Memorial, the park, the church, and the heritage houses which are within the central district of the city.

The Veterans' Memorial

"The primary duty of a citizen is defense of his country."

Dr. Jose Rizal's words in Bisaya.

3. Mt. Pangasugan
It is one of the famous mountains in Leyte. Mt. Pangasugan stands at approximately 1,150 meters or 3,770 feet tall and is considered as "the last forest frontier in Eastern Visayas." Many years ago, this mountain is the venue of the Visayas Mountain Festival organized by the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc. (MFPI).

4. Natural Attractions
You can also explore Bakwitan River and Falls, Lintaon Cave and Peak.

5. Beaches
When in Baybay, include a dip at its beaches in Brgy. Kilim which is in the northern part of the city.


Try to ride Baybay’s version of the Potpot.

For Your Taste-buds

Never miss to taste Baybay’s Kinilaw.

Travel Tips:
1. The fastest way to go to Baybay from Ormoc and Tacloban and vice versa is by van. But you can also ride a bus for a cheaper fare.
2. You can do a walking tour around the city.
3. For your accommodation, I recommend Palermo Hotel, GV Hotel, Lopfa Beach Resort. 

Where is Baybay City, Leyte on the map? 
Map by: Wikipedia

I hope this Adventurer's Guide is helpful to you.

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  1. Is there a bus that travel direct from Baybay to Ormoc?

    1. Yes! There are many buses from Baybay to Ormoc. Just go to their bus terminal near the pier area. Travel time is approximately 1 hour. Fare is more or less Php50-60.

  2. Thank you so much for answering.

  3. Hello!

    How much is the van from Tacloban Airport to Baybay City? Thanks!

  4. Very beautiful pictures!

  5. How far is Baybay to Kalanggaman? How much is the fare?

  6. where to eat in baybay? like famous resto and all?