September 1, 2013

Selfless Travels Supports the BookSail Project

Though the BookSail event had happened many months ago (June 21-24, 2013) and though I was not there to join the team, I am still writing this post in support and commendation to this awesome endeavor.

BookSail: Braving Philippine Seas for Literacy is the brainchild of Che Gurrobat of Backpacking Pilipinas. It is an initiative that have blessed the schoolchildren of Palumbanes Island in Caramoran, Catanduanes with books, magazines, and school supplies. Read more about BookSail here.

I am a staunch supporter to these types of endeavors. I can always empathize with the elementary pupils of this remote island. They need books and educational materials, and I wanted to help. Meeting Che here in Ormoc during her Eastern Visayas backpacking trip made me respond positively to her plan and it behooved me to send a box full of religious, health and character-building books and magazines for the project.

Selfless Travels' contribution to the project.

Viewing the photos of the book drive made me happy. It painted a smile on my face. It's a heartwarming experience to see volunteers who responded to the call and selflessly gave their precious time to the project. The support of generous donors (like me, hehe) were astounding too! The happy faces of the pupils were unequalled. All of these made BookSail a success!

Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo

Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo

Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo

Cute jumpshot!
Photo Credit: Ezra Efondo

Read Che's report and tribute here: BookSail - Braving Philippine Seas for Literacy: The Road to and from Palumbanes Island.

Kudos and congratulations to Che Gurrobat, the BookSail team, donors, and to all the men and women behind this great initiative!

PS. Let's do something like this here in Eastern Visayas, soon! :)


  1. Appreciate all your support for this advocacy, Eph! God bless and thank you! :)

    1. Hello, Che! It's my pleasure! Thanks, God bless you too! :)