June 8, 2013

The Inspiring Change to Selfless Travels

Some of you have asked me, "Why change the name of your blog?" I would always respond, "Due to some inevitable circumstances I am changing the name of my blog."

The change happened last April just before I traveled to Tacloban City to attend the wedding of our high school classmates. The Adventist Adventurer was changed to Selfless Travels with its new tagline-- Travel More. Inspire Others. Selfless Travels was conceived because of my heart's passion in helping and serving other people, plus the privilege of exploring other places thrills me. Selfless Travels is traveling with a mission and making a difference to the communities that you visit.

And just like The Adventist Adventurer, Selfless Travels will also continue to showcase more travel stories, tips, and guides. It will also feature more stories about my mission trips.

Making a difference to the communities around my high school Alma Mater in Javier, Leyte.
Photo by: Noel Jun Linganay 

Join me and follow my adventures here!


  1. We need not encase ourselves in a box, and change is sometimes good :) Keep inspiring!

    1. Hello Pinay Travel Junkie! Thank you, thank you. You inspire me too! :)

  2. Better! I like your new blog name. We aim to get better. We're not things that get stuck. We're people and we either grow or die. Keep on growing... And keep on shining!

    1. Hello there, Ate Zernah! Thank you for leaving a comment here. That's right, we need to grow everyday. Thanks for the inspiration! :)