June 27, 2013

Leyte Travel Series: Bito Falls in Javier

Leyte Travel Series is a series of posts that will describe the places I have explored here in Leyte, my home province.

The Beautiful Bito Falls

Hidden in the lush rainforest of Brgy. Caraye in Javier, Leyte lies a beautiful and majestic waterfalls-- the Bito Falls. It is now considered as one of the wonderful natural attractions of the municipality. Javier is a town in the south-eastern part of the province of Leyte.

The sound of the mighty waters falling, the sprays of mist touching your face, and the sight of the cold blue and green waters-- these will never fail to entice you to explore this great natural treasure.  The water flows to the Bito River system which makes up their local irrigation system benefiting many barangays of the municipality.

The waterfalls can be explored by trekking on land for an hour and river-trekking for about 2 hours. Sounds tiring? Maybe. But the reward of seeing the waterfalls and swimming on its waters is worth it all!

River trekking to Bito Falls.

Where is Javier, Leyte on the map?
Map by: Wikipedia

How to get there?

1. Tacloban to Abuyog- PhP60 (ordinary bus, 1 to 2 hours travel time)
Note: I prefer this route. Entry point is Abuyog, another town near Javier.
2. Abuyog to Tambis, Javier - PhP30 (habal-habal, 15 minutes ride)
Note: Tambis is a barangay in Javier, Leyte and the jump-off point to the falls.
3. Brgy. Tambis to Brgy. Caraye- approximately one hour trek
4. Brgy. Caraye to Bito Falls- approximately two hours trek


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    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by! This is indeed a great place to explore. Have you been here before?

    2. Welcome! Yeah, been there like 11 years ago.

    3. Oh, as in? That's great! Share your experiences here. :)

  2. sir, ano status after ng yolanda?

    1. Hello! Actually, I don't have any update about the falls. Maybe the trees and vegetation around the falls were ripped off making the falls inaccessible.