March 29, 2013

The Beautiful Sayaw Beach and Rock Formations

Summer is here! Have you been to the beach?

Southern Cebu offers a lot captivating beaches and paradise islands, and one of them is Sayaw Beach in Barili. Sayaw Beach is located near the national highway and south of Barili's town proper. Barili is 61 kilometers away from Cebu City and is particularly located in the southwestern part of the province of Cebu.

Here's a quick guide-- The Adventurer's Guide to Barili, Cebu.

Sayaw Beach is beautiful, clean, and picturesque.


Plus the fine, white-sand on the beach makes you lie on its shore.

It has a spectacular view of the nearby island and the province of Negros Oriental.

If you have that spirit of adventure, you can try boating and explore Sayaw's rock formations and caves. The experience will be one of a kind.

From the beach to the rocks.

Travel Notes:
1. Cebu City to Barili- PhP75 (aircon bus, approximately 2 hours travel time)
2. Barili town proper to Sayaw Beach- PhP7 (multicab, approximately 15 minutes travel time)
3. Sayaw Beach entrance- PhP10
4. Cottages- PhP100 and above
5. Boating- PhP200-300 per boat

So, explore Southern Cebu and discover for yourself this beautiful beach in the town of Barili.

What are the beautiful beaches you've visited? Share your answers here!


  1. Ganda!!! Parang gusto ko mag-stay diyan sa Cebu ng 1 month para ma-explore lahat. Been in Cebu twice pero Cebu City, Mactan at Bantayan pa lang napuntahan ko. :) Bakit wala yung baywatch pic? O sa ibang beach yun? :D

    1. Hello Cris! Thanks for dropping by! Oh, you've been to Cebu pala twice na. If you're planning to explore Cebu once again, always include Southern Cebu, daming magagandang sites. Hahaha, baywatch pic? 'wag na yun oi. The pic was shot here. :)

  2. I missed this while I was staying in South Cebu, will definitely go here when I return. Was only able to visit the falls in Barili.

    1. Inside Southeast Asia, thank you so much for leaving your comment here! Wow, so you've visited Mantayupan Falls, that's great! Explore this beach if you'll return to Barili. :)

  3. This Sayaw beach is also in bantayan island?