March 31, 2013

The Adventurer's Guide to Argao, Cebu

(Note: The Adventurer's Guide is a new feature in this blog. This travel guide series aims to give you quality and relevant travel information and tips regarding the featured destination.)

The first travel destinations that will be featured are the towns in Southern Cebu. It's because just recently I backpacked around Southern Cebu in 2 days- the cheapest way possible. I also calculated all travel expenses while exploring the southern part of Cebu.

The Destination: Argao, Cebu
Argao is a municipality in the southeastern part of the province of Cebu. It is about 68 kilometers away from Cebu City. Argao is also near Loon which is in the island of Bohol. Argao is a beautiful town which offers a lot of heritage sites and natural attractions. Argao got its name from a mangrove tree, named Sali-Argaw, which are abundant in its coastal areas.

Cebu City to Argao - PhP65-70 (ordinary bus, approximately 2 hours travel time)

Places to Explore
1. Cabecera de Argao marker
When you arrive at the central district of Argao, you will be amazed to see this marker. It seems that Argao is welcoming you in a very warm and friendly way.

2. Casa Real (Municipal Hall)
It is the oldest existing town hall in the province of Cebu.

3. Argao Hall of Justice (APTA Building)
Made during the Spanish times, this building is a historic landmark in Argao. This building was also used as a Cuartel or barracks during World War II.

4. Unity Plaza
This plaza is located just in front of the town hall and the Hall of Justice. This famous spot has a monument of Rizal, a community well, and some Spanish cannons.

Rizal Monument

Community Well

A Spanish Cannon

5. Puerta Marina
A heritage structure built to serve as the entrance to the town's center and as a baluarte, or watchtower, used during the Moro raids.

6. Capella Murtuaryo
Used as a chapel during the funerals in the past.

Beside Puerta Marina is the Capella Murtuaryo

7. Argao Nature Park
This is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy, either in solo or family trips. Also try their amenities especially the adrenaline-rush adventures like the zipline, canopy walk, wall climbing, and boating.

-- Town proper to Argao Nature Park - PhP14 (tricycle, vice versa)
-- Entrance fee - PhP5

8. You can also explore these places: The Riverstone Castle, Argao National Park, Bugasok Falls, Mt. Lantoy, Mahayahay Beach.

For Your Taste-buds
1. Torta de Argao
Try its local delicacy, the unique-tasting torta. Its ingredients are egg, flour, and tuba.

Ephraim: "This is Torta de Argao. Let's try this!"
Photo Credit: Journeying James

2. Argao's Tablea
A drink of this hot chocolate is also a must try in Argao. Tablea is a chocolate produced from cacao beans.

Travel Tips:
1. Take the early morning bus from Cebu City's South Bus Terminal to avoid traffic. You can choose between aircon and ordinary buses.
2. You can explore the city of Carcar first and then head to Argao. Fare is PhP20-25.
3. Tell the driver's aide (konduktor) to drop you at the junction that will lead you to the Cabecera.
4. You can explore the Cabecera first and then proceed to Argao Nature Park and to other places in your itinerary.

Where is Argao, Cebu on the map?
Map by: Wikipedia

I hope this Adventurer's Guide is helpful to you.

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  1. I love places like this with so much history and heritage. Great photos! :)

    1. Hello Daene, thank you! Wow, so you also like travel destinations which offer lots of heritage sites, that's great! I also love this place too! :)

  2. wow i didn't know argao has the oldest town hall :)

    1. Yeah, it's the oldest town hall that is still existing today in Cebu. :)

  3. My feet are jumping bai!!! im excited for my trip this month!!!

    1. Yeah, inform me Bai if you are there in Southern Cebu. Maybe I can refer you to Boljoon's Tourism Officer. Enjoy!

  4. Hello! You have a great blog! This is really helpful since we are all set to visit Argao, Cebu for 5 days on April 9th. I came from the North (Baguio) and wanted to know kung okay ba ung beaches duon as compared to Dalaguete. We are still looking for good resorts in Argao and also considering Dalaguete. I hope you can give us some tips and advise. Thank you so much in advance!:):)

    1. Hi Kira! I have just read your comment. And I don't know how to communicate to you my recommendations. Actually, you can visit these two towns kasi they are just near each other, just a few minutes away lang. Hope you will enjoy your trip there! :)

  5. Hi there! I really enjoyed your blogs! :) This makes me soooo eager to visit all of those places but travel time is just 3 days :( Is it okay if I'll ask you some suggestions on how can we utilize our 3-day family tour at Southern Cebu on October? Priority is to visit heritage places and the butanding watch. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello there Aivhie! That 3-day tour in Southern Cebu is good enough. Just head out to Southern Cebu early in the morning, and go immediately to Oslob for whaleshark watching. Explore Oslob's historic sites too at the town proper. Then head out to Boljoon, Dalaguete, Argao, and Carcar. You can also go to the other side of Cebu and visit Kawasan Falls in Moalboal. There are many buses plying the area. Enjoy your trip and share your experiences! :)

  6. Without a short description of each, it leaves an emptiness in my stomach. For me, they are just pictures.

    1. Hey Joseph! Thanks for leaving a comment here! This is just a rundown of things to do and places to visit in some travel destinations. This is just a quick and easy to read travel guide that gives the readers some insights on the destinations.