February 21, 2013

Backpacking Around Southern Cebu Expenses

Just in case you're wondering why I'm publishing my expenses of this backpacking trip, you can read the full story here-- 2 Days of Backpacking Around Southern Cebu. From the start, I really planned to travel around the southern part of Cebu in the cheapest way possible.

This post is created to inform travelers and backpackers of the fares and fees when traveling from town to town in Southern Cebu. I hope you'll find this helpful.

Backpacking Around Southern Cebu
1 City. 9 Towns. 2 Days.

Day 1

Bulacao, Talisay City to Carcar - PhP38 (ordinary bus)
Carcar City Museum - free
ampao - PhP20
Carcar to Argao - PhP25 (multicab)

Carcar's delicacies-- chicharon, bucarillo, banana chips, ampao.

Argao town proper to Argao Nature Park - PhP14 (tricycle, vice versa)
Argao Nature Park entrance fee - PhP5

Lunch - PhP23

Argao to Dalaguete - PhP22 (ordinary bus)
Museo sa Dalaguete - free
Dalaguete town proper to Obong Spring - PhP8 (tricycle)
Obong Spring entrance fee - PhP5

Dalaguete to Tingko Beach, Alcoy - PhP 9 (ordinary bus)
Tingko Beach entrance fee - PhP10

Relaxing at Tingko Beach.

Tingko Beach to Boljoon - PhP9

TOTAL: PhP188 ($4.63)

Day 2

Boljoon to Oslob - PhP20 (ordinary bus, express)

Oslob to Bato, Santander - PhP30 (ordinary bus)
Bato, Santander to Samboan - PhP9 (ordinary bus)

Museo de Samboan - free
Samboan to Ginatilan - PhP10 (tricycle)
Ginatilan town proper to Inambakan Falls - PhP60 (motorcycle, vice versa)

Inambakan Falls marker along the highway.

Lunch - PhP40

Ginatilan to Moalboal - PhP55 (ordinary bus)
Moalboal to Bulacao, Talisay City - PhP99 (aircon bus)

TOTAL: PhP323 ($7.95)

GRAND TOTAL: PhP188 + PhP323 = PhP511 ($12.58)
*Exchange Rate as of 2/21/2013: $1 - PhP40.62

Travel Tips: 
-- I recommend taking the early morning bus to Southern Cebu, to avoid traffic in Cebu City.
-- Take the ordinary bus when you are traveling from town to town.
-- Tricycles or local transports within the towns have a minimum fare of PhP7 or PhP8.

I would like express my heartfelt thanks to Boljoon's Tourism Officer, Sir Ronald Villanueva and his family for accommodating me in their house during my stay in Boljoon (Day 1).

Photo Credit: www.cebuwatch.com

In the future, I will be creating "The Adventurer's Guide" to the specific towns in Southern Cebu. Watch out for it.

Start your adventures now!


  1. nice... its cheap ha... i want to go back to Cebu =)

  2. kaya two days pagpunta dyan? gs2 ko puntahan yung carcar

    1. Yep, you can do it in 2 days. 1 day for the southeast part and 1 day for the southwest part of Cebu. Carcar has many heritage structures that you will love. :)

  3. Makapunta nga! :) Thanks, E! Bookmarked this!

    1. Hi Regine, you are welcome! I am happy that this guide is helping other travelers! :)

  4. encouraging posts. :)) sa mga walang kakilala na pwedeng matulogan, do you have any idea for room rates?or suggestions on where to stay?

    1. Hello Jennifer! In Moalboal, there is a backpacker inn if you prefer cheaper stays but there are nice resorts too. In Dalaguete, you can stay at Dalaguete Beach Park. In Boljoon, you can stay at Club Fort Med. And you can find many accommodations in Oslob. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. I want to go to Badian. Is there a Bus from Carcar City going there?