February 20, 2013

2 Days of Backpacking Around Southern Cebu

Yes! Finally! After much planning, I have traveled around the southern part of Cebu in 2 days-- the cheapest way possible. I spent a total of PhP511 ($12.58). Actually, I had many trips to Southern Cebu in the past years. First is the 1-day Round South Hope Caravan conducted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (October 2010). Second is my 2-day Cebu South Adventures (February 2012). Third is the Southern Cebu Trip with Journeying James (April 2012). And fourth is the Trip with Laagan na Cebuana (May 2012).

Question: Why travel around Southern Cebu?
Answer: I love to explore Southern Cebu. The natural attractions in the area amaze me most and its historical significance interests me.

1 City. 9 Towns. 2 Days.

Day 1

My first destination is Carcar, the "Heritage City of Cebu."
-- Plaza
-- Rizal Monument
-- Carcar City Museum
-- Heritage structures and houses
-- Kiosk and Rotunda
-- Carcar Public Market
-- Carcar's delicacies: ampao, bucarillo, chicharon

Befriending some pupils of Upland Elementary School.

It is home to the oldest existing town hall in the entire province of Cebu.
-- Cabecera
-- Casa Real
-- Unity Plaza
-- Puerta Marina (Watchtower ruins)
-- Argao's delicacy: torta
-- Argao Nature Park

At the beautiful cabecera.

The town got its name from the dalakit tree which is still found in Obong Spring. Dalaguete is also known as the "Vegetable Basket of Cebu" and the "Summer Capital of Cebu."
-- Municipio
-- Museo sa Dalaguete
-- Obong Spring
-- Obong Watchtower ruins

Obong Watchtower ruins

Historically, Alcoy got its name from a city in Spain named Alcoi.
-- Tingko Beach

Valentine's Day celebration in Tingko Beach.

This town is one of Cebu's Heritage Frontiers and is also considered as "The Only Postcard Town in the Entire Province of Cebu."
-- Plaza Bermejo
-- Boljoon Church Archaeological Site
-- Heritage Walk
-- El Grande Baluarte (Watchtower ruins)

Background: The El Grande Baluarte

Day 2

Though much famous now because of the whale-shark watching in Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob has so much to offer-- a hot spring, a paradise island, a breathtaking waterfalls, and historic structures.
-- Cuartel 
-- Baluarte (Watchtower ruins)
-- Municipal Heritage Park
-- Church Wall ruins

The Cuartel

Quick stop-over. Now bound for the southwest part of Cebu.

A 5th class town in the southwestern tip of Cebu, Samboan is also a heritage town blessed with many natural attractions.
-- Town center
-- Museo de Samboan
-- Escala de Jacob (Jacob's Ladder)
-- Campanario de Antigua (Belltower / Watchtower ruins)

At the Jacob's Ladder leading up to the Watchtower ruins.

This town is the place where you can explore the 3-level Inambakan Falls in Brgy. Calabawan.
-- Heritage houses
-- Bantayan sa Hari (Watchtower ruins)
-- Inambakan Falls
-- Millenium Park

Inambakan Falls

The last town in my itinerary, Moalboal is a haven for tourists and backpackers. It is also widely known as the "Diving Paradise of Cebu." You'll notice that I have not been to Panagsama Beach (Basdiot) or White Beach (Basdako). I skipped these beaches due to the very bad weather by the time I arrived there.
-- Town Center

Photo Credit: www.cebuwatch.com

Next post: Travel Expenses of my 2-Day Backpacking Trip Around Southern Cebu

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  1. wow! naka anha naka ug Samboan! I'm happy to see naka anha naka ug Alcoy and Ginatilan.. 9 towns in two days that was such an accomplishment! suya much! ;)

    1. Yep, thank you Kareen! I'm so happy I traveled around Southern Cebu, it's a dream come true for me! :)

  2. nag stop ka every barangay?

    1. Nope. I just selected the towns that I visited..

  3. Wonderful pics... our country is beautiful!

    1. That's right, ate Zernah! Our country is indeed captivating.. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. Great post! My mom grew up in Carcar and I would definitely want to visit it someday.

    1. Ian, Carcar has a lot of historic places! Explore them all and enjoy. Plus you have relatives there too. It will be an amazing experience!

  5. such a great itinerary and destination.btw,how much is your budget for this trip?pls send me the details.thank you and good luck for your next travels!=)

    1. Ej, thanks for leaving your comment here and thanks for the compliment too! I spent more or less PhP500 for this trip. No so costly, right? You can read more of my expenses here >> http://www.selflesstravels.com/2013/02/backpacking-around-southern-cebu.html.

      Enjoy traveling too!

    2. Srsly? just less than Php500?? Woahh

  6. You took public transport for this entire trip?

  7. Hello,

    I'll be in Cebu in the end of January and will be backpacking through Carcar, Argao, Dalaguete, Alcoy, Boljoon, Oslob, Santander, Samboan and Moalboal.

    I'm looking for the cheapest backpacker's inns, cottages or anywhere I can sleep. I only found places for Cebu, Carcar, Boljoon and Moalboal.

    Can you recommend me any places you know, anthing cheap goes. :)


    1. Hello! Yeah, those places you mentioned are the places where we can find cheap and good accommodations. And these are places that are a little strategic because you can then go to the other destinations from those accommodation places.

      I hope you have enjoyed your time in Cebu! :)

  8. Hi!

    Thanks for the very helpful article. I'm planning to backpack southern Cebu as well but I'll be coming from Dumaguete, from May 11 to May 13. I'm confuse if how I will do it, I need to be in Cebu CIty by May 14. Can you help me with my itinerary please?



    1. Ruffy, I have a long comment below! But in case you want to backpack around Southern Cebu, you can still do it. There are many buses plying around the towns in the southern part of Cebu! :)

  9. Hi!

    Thanks for the very helpful post. I'm planning to backpack southern Cebu as well but ill be coming from dumaguete and bound for cebu city. I'm confused on how i will do it, my tentative travel dates are between May 11 and May 13. I need to be in Cebu City by May 14.

    Can you help me out with my itinerary please?



    1. Hello Ruffy! Yes, you can do it. Either way, you need to choose what part of southern Cebu will you backpack.

      If you decide to backpack the southwest part, you will then be visiting the falls in Samboan, Ginatilan which is Inambakan Falls, Badian which is Kawasan Falls, Barili which is Mantayupan Falls. You can also go to the famous beaches in Moalboal and the Pescador Island. You can also swim at Sayaw Beach in Barili.

      If you decide to go to the southeast part, you can then stop by Oslob with the whaleshark watching, Tumalog Falls, and Sumilon Island. Then Boljoon which is a heritage town. Then Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, and food trip in Argao.

      Almost all the towns in Southern are heritage towns, visit the town proper of these towns!

      Enjoy! :)

  10. Hello! Where did you stay during your stay sa Argao? Looking for a cheap place to stay for 3 days and hopefully within Argao lang. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Macy! I am not so familiar with cheap accommodations in Argao because I usually pass by this town for quick tours and food trip whenever I go to southern Cebu. :)

  11. Hi! I'm thinking of backpacking alone in Cebu but still don't know which part is the best and cheap. Any reco? Thanks :)

  12. Hi~ I really want to explore Cebu this year, maybe this Summer or June. Can you help me about the transpo and can you share your expenses breakdown? {frustratedcalligrapher@gmail.com}