December 13, 2012

One Fruitful Year Has Gone By

Yes, you read it right! One year has gone by for this blog that I started building on this same day last year. Inspired by the Sole Sisters and encouraged by the man behind Regin's Travels, this travel blog was created. This blog also adapted a unique, not-so-common description, brand or motto, which revolves around the idea of travel and adventure combined with ministry and service. Journeying James also made a great impact on the writer of this blog and so with the fellow members of Pinoy Travel Bloggers-- who have been my source of motivation and inspiration.

Time ran so swiftly and today I am celebrating with you my blog's FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

What a year it was!

I'd like to thank, first of all, the readers, who at all times have followed this blog and the many others who have shared this blog to their friends. To ALL the men and women who have inspired me to travel and write more, a BIG THANKS! And to the good Lord for His manifold blessings, I'd offer my thanks and adoration!

Some noteworthy travels of the past year are:

-- The 2-day Cebu South Adventures. I swam with the whale-sharks in Oslob. I finally climbed Osmeña Peak. I had a great time in Kawasan Falls.

Osmeña Peak

-- The trip with Journeying James. The road trip from Santander to Boljoon to Dalaguete to Argao and to Cebu City. And my attendance to the yearly Kadaugan sa Mactan in Lapu-Lapu City.

Cuartel Area. Oslob, Cebu.
Photo Credit: Journeying James

-- The trip with two lady travel bloggers, Kareen of Laagan na Cebuana in Southern Cebu and Paula of Pondering Paodaolei in Biliran and Leyte.

-- Solo trip to Limasawa Island and Southern Leyte. In Limasawa, I met April of the Last Wild Place and by pump-boat, we headed to Surigao City. I also volunteered in the Coral Reef Restoration Project in Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte.

Coral Planting
Photo Credit: Ethel Wagas

-- The highlight this year is the Klement Backpacking and Ministry 2012. In Thailand, we ministered to the spiritual needs of some patients in Bangkok Adventist Hospital and we distributed tracts and "The Great Hope" books. In Cambodia, we gave slippers and food to the children at the Wat Preah Yesu Orphanage. The side trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Vientiane, Laos were memorable and sweet!

Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo Credit: Regin Reyno

My wish is that you, readers, will continue to follow this blog and that success will be ours in the coming year! Thank you!

What's your wish for this blog? Share it here!

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  1. congrats Ephraim. for your 1st year in travel blogging....just keep on, with your Faith, you will find your fate. One year is a good feat. Just follow your feet to the right direction. BE FIT always.....:-).

    1. Sir Bonz, thank you so much! I like the flow of words in your comment! :)

  2. Happy, happy anniversary! Here's to more great adventures and great posts! =)

  3. Congratulations Ephraim and your travel blog. For a year, you've accomplished a lot. It's my distinct pleasure to be part of it. Looking forward for another travel experience with you next year.

    Cheers for more travels to come!

    1. Kareen, thank you so much! It has been a wonderful year for me. Yes, let's travel again soon. :)

  4. Your blog is really great, Phrem! Wishing you many years of wonderful writing :)

  5. Congrats! One year just flew by and I missed this. Keep writing!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the greetings! Yep, I will always keep writing and exploring! Thank you. I like your blog, Life is a Celebration! :)