November 15, 2012

Exploring the Med on the Norwegian Jade

There are a lengthy list of very fine cruise ships touring the bays, beaches and beautiful cities around the Mediterranean on an annual basis but few if any offer such amazing tours as the Norwegian Jade. She is relatively small in scale, which means that she can nip in and out of some of the great European sea's less well-known tourist hotspots. As a guest on-board therefore you can soak up some genuine culture and some of the most amazing views to be found anywhere in the world.

Norwegian Jade

In addition to scenery, cities and sightseeing experiences that will last long in the memory, the Jade delivers all the usual elements that make cruise holidays so popular with families, couples, groups or friends and intrepid individuals the world over. So there are an array of food and cuisine options for guests to choose from on a daily basis, accommodation of a very high quality and theatre productions as good as any currently out there on the waves. Nothing will be too much trouble for the staff on-board, while for children there are specially built play areas and discos for teenagers.

The Jade has a charm of its own and is a genuinely elegant ship whether you're gazing at it from the shore or you're enjoying yourself on-board. The Norwegian Epic meanwhile is rather more awe-inspiring than elegant simply because of its scale and the range of activity options there are on-board. You would do well to run out of inspiration or ideas on things to do while spending time on the Jade but you would surely find it utterly impossible if you book in for a tour on the Epic. Either way, a little online research can go a long way towards landing you a notably good deal on holidays aboard either of Norwegian's fantastic vessels.

*This is a guest post.


  1. I'd like to be on a cruise ship with someone I really care about....

    1. Hi Paula! That would be nice. All of us want that kind of experience too. :)

  2. Cruising the ocean has been one of my ultimate dream after watching Tinanic. Lol... yeah...

    1. Yeah, it is my dream too! Thanks for dropping by Jherson!