October 10, 2012

A Rough Guide to Cebu's Heritage Walks

Where can you find one of the country's most famous and richest history? Undeniably, it's in Cebu!

Cebu is home to a number of historic events, sites, and people. The arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, the victorious battle in Mactan, the short American rule, the ancestral houses, the watchtowers in the southern towns of the province, and the grand, old churches-- all comprise Cebu's fascinating history.

Magellan's Cross / Lapu-Lapu Monument / El Grande Baluarte

Let me give you a rough guide to Cebu's heritage walks. One in Cebu City and one in Boljoon, a town in the southern part of Cebu.

Cebu City Heritage Walk

Day(s) to complete: 1 day or 2 days
Budget: P100--Food, P100-150--Entrance Fees
Places to Visit:

--Cebu Provincial Capitol
-- Rizal Memorial Library and Museum
-- Fuente Osmeña
-- Colon Street
-- The Heritage of Cebu
-- Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
-- Casa Gorordo Museum
-- Rajah Humabon Park
-- Plaza Sugbu
-- Magellan's Cross
-- Cebu City Hall
-- BPI Museum
-- Sto. Niño Church
-- Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
-- Plaza Independencia
-- Malacañan sa Sugbo
-- Fort San Pedro
-- Museu Sugbo

Cebu Capitol / Rizal Memorial Library / 
Fuente Osmeña / Colon Street

Heritage of Cebu / Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House / 
Plaza Sugbu / Magellan's Cross

Fuerza de San Pedro

Museu Sugbo

-- Start your walk early so as to avoid traffic, and to maximize time.
-- Bring umbrella or use a wide-brimmed hat to lessen sunlight's exposure to your skin and head.
-- Bring your own water bottle.
-- I recommend to start your walking tour at Cebu Capitol and end it at Museu Sugbo.
-- Find a place to eat along Colon Street.
-- Spend more time inside Rizal Memorial Library and Museum, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, Casa Gorordo Museum, Fort San Pedro, and Museu Sugbo.

Read my complete 1-day itinerary here-- Historic Sites in Cebu City: 1-Day Itinerary.

Boljoon, Cebu

Boljoon is a town in the southern part of the province of Cebu. It is one of Cebu's oldest and most picturesque towns. This town is also rich in history and archaeology.

Boljoon Heritage Walk map

Boljoon Heritage Walk

Day(s) to complete: 1 day
Budget: P50--Food, P150--Fare (Cebu City to Boljoon)
Places to Visit: 
-- Patrocinio de Maria Church Complex
-- Dr. Dionisio Niere House
-- Cirilo Sestoso House
-- Boljoon Bridge
-- Baluarte sa Fuente
-- Gabaldon Building (Boljoon Central School)
-- Baño sa Poblacion
-- Ili Rock
-- Watchtowers (El Grande Baluarte, Ili Rock Watchtower, Kayangon Watchtower)
-- Boljoon Parish Museum

Boljoon church ceiling / Dr. Dionisio Niere House / 
Baño sa Poblacion / Ili Rock

El Grande Baluarte / Ili Rock Watchtower / Baluarte sa Fuente

-- Ride a bus from Cebu City to Boljoon early in the morning.
-- Visit Boljoon's Tourism Office beside the Municipal Hall for assistance.
-- Prepare for a short mountain trek to the top of Ili Hill.
-- Spend more time inside Boljoon Parish Museum.

Read the complete heritage walk details here-- Experience Boljoon's Heritage Walk.

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  1. Thank you for this Eppie. I bookmarked this. Hopefully I'd be able to see all the above mentioned "must visit places" this December.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Che! Yep, you can see these places too for yourself. Dali ra kaayo na pangitaon! Inform me if you are in Cebu na.

  2. Nung naglibot kami sa Cebu City dati, naka-van kami...pwede palang lakarin yan. :) Di pa ako nakarating sa Boljoon, will take note of this post pag napadaan ako. :D

    1. Hello Cris! Yeah, pwede lang to lakarin. Medyo malayo lang sa umpisa. If you will be going to Dumaguete or Siquijor from Cebu City, you can pass by Boljoon and other Southern Cebu towns. :)

  3. thanks for including boljoon sa imong post sir!

    1. Sir Ronald, it is my pleasure to include Boljoon, one of my favorite travel destinations in Cebu!

  4. I'd love to visit this one 1 day.

    1. That is great to hear Paula! Explore Cebu soon!

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    1. Thanks Manong Unyol for dropping by! Cebu is indeed beautiful. Have you been here before?

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    1. Thanks Tina! Hope to travel with you soon! :)

  7. Nice post! Here's mine: Religious Heritage Sites of Southern Cebu, in case someone's interested. http://pinoyblabbermouth.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-day-at-southern-cebu-heritage-trail.html

    1. Salamat bai! Great photos on your post too!