June 12, 2012

Travel Photo: The Philippine Flag

Today, I will be featuring a photograph that shows one of the most significant symbols of our country, the flag. Our flag is the emblem of our nation, a symbol of freedom and nationalism.

Where in the world is this?

This is the Philippine flag that waves high in front of the Cebu Provincial Capitol in Cebu City, Philippines. Today, we are celebrating the 114th Proclamation of Philippine Independence. On June 12, 1898, President Emilio Aguinaldo declared our independence and waved our flag high in the air while the crowd sang our national anthem. Marcela Agoncillo made the flag of the Philippines together with her daughter, Lorenza, and Delfina Herbosa Natividad. They followed the design made by Emilio Aguinaldo.

"The Philippine flag is more than a piece of cloth. It is part of our legacy from our forefathers who shed blood and life to attain our independence. The Philippine flag is made up many bitter memories of Filipinos under the colonization – memories of abuse, oppression, and discrimination that eventually paved way to the formation of our nation. The Philippine flag reminds us to strive to be true Filipino living in democratic and sovereign country."
-Mona Lisa H. Quizon, National Historical Commission of the Philippines

Does our independence matter to you? Share your thoughts here.

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