May 17, 2012

Snapshots of Argao, Cebu

Argao is a municipality located at the southeastern part of the province of Cebu. According to their website,, that "If Cebu is the Queen City of the South, Argao would definitely rank as a Princess Royal." Why? That question still remains a mystery to me. The town is also rich in terms of heritage and natural resources. It is famous for its torta with its unique ingredients like egg, flour, and tuba.

Here are some snapshots. Enjoy!

Welcome to Argao!

Casa Real, the oldest existing town hall in the province of Cebu.

A depiction of their unique-tasting torta.

Puerta Marina ruins

Unity Plaza

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  1. thanks for featuring my hometown! :) hahaha

    1. Really? Is this your hometown? Such a very nice place too! :)

  2. Argao seems interesting! I want to taste that torta!

    1. Thanks Ding for dropping by. Yeah, you can visit this place and it their torta, a unique experience. :)