May 6, 2012

Oslob's Magnificent "Cuartel" and "Baluarte"

One of the attractions that tourists take for granted (or did not put much attention to) is the Cuartel and the ruins of the Baluarte in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. It is due to the fact that many tourists prefer the whale-shark watching experience in Tan-awan, Oslob.

Cuartel and Baluarte

But, I greatly recommend that tourists and travelers will visit this highly historical place.

These magnificent structures are located just a few meters from the Municipal Hall of Oslob.

The Cuartel 
It is a Spanish word for barracks or headquarters.

The Baluarte
It is a Spanish word for bastion, bulwark, rampart, or simply a watchtower.

I also love their seawall. It's clean, with a fantastic view of Bohol, Sumilon Island, and Siquijor.

We really enjoyed our time there!

So when you are in Oslob, don't just go to Tan-awan and see the whalesharks, also explore the historical Cuartel and Baluarte.

How to get there?

1. Take a bus. (Cebu to Oslob)
2. Tell the driver's aide to drop you at the Municipal Hall of Oslob and then walk towards the Cuartel area.


  1. Wow. Very nice pala dito. maybe I'll drop by in the future.

    1. Hello! Sure, you can pass by this wonderful place in Oslob. And see its beauty aside from seeing the whalesharks in Tan-awan. Thanks! :)

  2. true, ang ganda ng heritage park nato,,, indi lng cguro napapansin bcoz of whale shark,, i lived in oslob for more than 1 year and iluv this beautiful place and its people;)

    1. Yeah, you lived here pala sa Cebu. The towns in the soouthern part of Cebu is full of heritage and history. I love Cebu! Thank you!

  3. Ang ganda Ephz! I love ruins exactly just like this! :-)I hope to visit this place soon!

    1. Yeah, this place is really beautiful and peaceful pa! You need to go here if you'll visit Cebu. This place is rich in history!

    2. Hay naku baka makapunta ng Cebu ng di oras........Mas gusto ko derecho na dito sa southern part!!!! :-D Pwede ba two days lang? PM mo ko!

    3. Hahahaha, you should explore Cebu, it's a must! yes, I will pm you.. :)