May 15, 2012

12 Reasons Why You Should Explore Boljoon, Cebu

One of the best and beautiful towns that I have ever visited is Boljoon in Cebu, Philippines. It is a travel destination with a complete package of adventures. And I can feel that Boljoon will become a prime travel destination in Cebu, maybe years from now.

You might ask, "What's in Boljoon?"

Here are the reasons why I love Boljoon and why you should explore it for yourself too!

1. The friendly and hospitable locals.

Journeying James was entertained by the diving stunts of these boys.

2. The relaxing sunset. Don't miss this!

3. The cheap street foods.

Photo Credit: Journeying James

4. The grand sunrise. Don't miss this too!

5. Go trekking on top of Ili Rock where the view of the town is breathtaking.

6. The Heritage Walk

7. Their rich heritage and historical landmarks.

8. Go swimming and snorkeling or diving.
Journeying James and I discovered the hidden beauty of Arbor Marine Sanctuary when we had our snorkeling there. It is one of the best snorkeling and diving sites in the Philippines! Really! Special thanks to Club Fort Med.

9. The museum and the archaeological diggings.

10. The lovely plaza.

11. The free wi-fi zone at the town proper.
Perfect for travel bloggers and internet addicts!

12. You can play tennis, go biking and running, or you can just relax and feel the place.

Photo Credit: Journeying James

Are you planning now to go to Boljoon?

Just contact me at or Journeying James, so we can help you.

After we have explored Boljoon, all I can say is that, our experience there is PRICELESS!

Special thanks to Sir Ronald N. Villanueva, Boljoon's Tourism and Heritage Officer, for being so generous and hospitable to us!

How to get there?
1. Take a bus. (From Cebu South Bus Terminal to Boljoon) Approximately 2-3 hours travel time.
2. Tell the driver's aide (conductor) to drop you at the town proper.

So, what are you waiting for?

Plan a trip to Cebu and explore Boljoon too!


  1. Cebu is getting more and more intersting the more I read about it! Kulang pala yung 4 days namin!

    1. Sir Christian, thanks for leaving a comment here! Yeah, Cebu has many great and interesting sites! You really need a lot of time to explore and immerse in these places.

  2. nice experience! Just wondering if buses are travelling 24 hrs. Is there any accommodations that are available within the town?

    1. Hi. Thank you for dropping by here. I think that there are no 24-hour buses in the area, but I know that buses are available early in the morning and late at night. Yep, there are accommodations there.

  3. Replies
    1. That's for sure! Cebu is indeed beautiful..

  4. hmmm, interesting...malapit lang sa amin yan pero 'di ko man lang naisip puntahan before...Well, hindi pa naman huli ang lahat..

    Good list, Sir!

    1. Salamat Ian! Explore2x din pay may time. :)

  5. Bai will do my Southern Cebu Adventure this month. Boljoon will definitely on my list ;)

    1. Ayos yan bai! Yeah, always include Boljoon. You will really appreciate Southern Cebu's heritage, history, and culture. :)