April 4, 2012

Cebu South Adventures: A Reflection

Yes! Our 2-day Cebu South Adventures had finally ended. Yet, its memories of fun, thrills, and excitement will never fade away. It will always linger in my amygdala.

And just like a learning excursion, my experiences taught me valuable lessons that have helped me appreciate the real and complete joy of traveling.

What have I learned?

1. I learned to be prepared always for what lies ahead on the road.
It is important to be physically and mentally prepared for any travels.

2. I realized more fully to trust the locals.
I discovered the art of asking questions, and have found the happiness in their interactions.

3. I learned the importance of safeguarding your health while on the road.
The health of the traveler is of prime importance. A traveler needs enough food, water, proper clothing, and rest. It is always best to maintain health while traveling. I'm an advocate to that because I'm a nurse!

Learning new and bigger things will always accompany you when you travel. So, let your senses be keen enough to recognize these new ideas.

I think, life will always be successful if traveling is an integral part of it.