January 16, 2012

Take Time to Explore Ormoc City, Leyte

Hotel Don Felipe fronted by the Ormoc marker.

(In this post, I have extracted some valuable historical facts from the pamphlet given by the Ormoc City Tourism Office.)

Ormoc City is my beloved hometown and that's the reason why I am strongly promoting it as a travel destination and as a part of the 21-Day Pilipinas Challenge of the Sole Sisters.

Ormoc City is the pioneer city of Leyte. It is also the first non-provincial capital city of the Philippines.

Before the Portuguese navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, reached Leyte in 1521, a handful of Malayan families lived in a small settlement called "OGMOK" - an old Visayan term for lowloand or depressed plain. "OGMOK" was also the name of a spring located between the present barangays of Donghol and Mahayag.

The name ORMOC, evidently, is the variation of the original name and came into use with the coming of the Spanish Conquistadores and the migration of people from the neighboring towns and islands to settle in its fertile plains.

The primitive Malayans had well-developed trade and commerce with the Chinese, Javans, and Indonesians who frequented the islands in their junks, vintas, and sailboats. Pigafetta, the Spanish historian, mentioned "OGMOK" in his chronicles as one place in Leyte where Magellan touched in search of food and water in March 1521.

Ormoc became a city through Republic Act No. 179 fathered by Congressman Domingo Veloso, which was approved on June 21, 1947. The first President of the Philippine Republic, Manual A. Roxas proclaimed Ormoc a city on September 4, 1947. By virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 42, Ormoc was formally inaugurated as a city on October 20, 1947.

A flash flood on November 5, 1991 brought death, destruction of crops, and damage in properties. The severity of the damage was found to be due to massive deforestation or rapid forest denudation.

In fact, my family was among the victims of that great flash flood which killed thousands Ormocanons. I was a little more than 4 years old when the flash flood happened. Our little bahay-kubo was flushed away in the raging waters together with my father and older brother. It was God's miracle that they were both alive after the flood subsided.

Ormoc has recently been chosen to host the Provincial Industrial Center.

Today, Ormoc City is a wonderful picture of steady progress and stability. The city was adjudged as the 2005 Most Business-Friendly City in the Visayas by the prestigious Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Ormoc City is also a consistent Cleanest and Greenest City awardee in Region 8 and one of the Cleanest and Greenest City in the country today. This prestigious award is a leading tribute to visualize Ormoc as a "beauty by the bay", a wonderful place to visit whether for business or pleasure.

I now invite you to explore Ormoc!

Special thanks to Ormoc City Tourism Office!


  1. Thanks for recommending this. cge i will take note Ormoc

    1. Thanks Chino for dropping by! You can explore Ormoc soon!

  2. My hometown too! im pretty excited visiting this May2015.