December 29, 2011

Recollection: Mt. Capistrano

Summit-- Mt. Capistrano
Photo Credit: Dalikyat Society

Mt. Capistrano, a not so famous mountain, is located in Bukidnon, Philippines. All I can remember is that its entrance point is at Bangcud, Bukidnon.

I have climbed Mt. Capistrano five times- yes five times- during my college days! And all these climbs, I experienced a different type of adventure!

After logging your names at the barangay office, you can then start your ascent to Mt. Capistrano. It is a two to three hour climb to the summit. At first, the trail is open with only cogon grasses growing and you can see the view below. Then as you climb higher, the trail becomes challenging with big rocks and slippery slopes. Before you reach the peak, there is a place where we traditionally have our campsite. Few meters from the campsite is the peak. The summit of Mt. Capistrano is unique. The highest point is a big rock on the edge of the cliff. And as you stand on that particular rock, you will see the view below plus you will be afraid to see the deep cliff below that rock. So great and rewarding!

Mt. Capistrano is full of rock formations and locals have told us that there are caves in the mountain. We have tried several times to discover these caves but we never found one.

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